Create Many Gmail Accounts without Mobile Number Verification

Can I Create Multiple Gmail Accounts without Mobile Number Verification?

The Simple Answer to this Question is YES, YOU CAN. Here I’ll tell you the Most Authentic Ways to create many Gmail Accounts without Mobile Number Verification.

But, first, you need to know by creating Gmail Accounts without Verification results spreading SPAM activities over the Google and Gmail product’s. A Mobile number is used by any company such a Google, Facebook etc for the signup process for the authenticity of an individual person.

So, if you want to create multiple Gmail Accounts with the intention not to harm anyone else or for solely Educational Purposes then keep reading.

You can just create multiple accounts and use the Same Phone Number for verification, or you can verify your Identity in other ways.

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Method 1: Adding . in your Gmail ID

You can create many aliases for your one account (and thus can register multiple times on websites which ask for your email).
If your mail address is then,, and so on are all your addresses.

Now the advantage of this method is if you are asked to register with an account and you are already registered with the account like and want to register with a new account (which you don’t have). Simply while creating an account (Sign Up) enter your ID with a (.) anywhere in it. It will register and will send you a verification mail which you will get your original Gmail ID. Isn’t it COOL! Yes, it is.

Method 2: Using Incognito Mode

Steps To Follow:

1) Open Google Chrome Browser/Firefox, And open new Incognito window in chrome from options

Incognito Chrome - Tech Urdu

2) Now Open This Link in Incognito Window To Create a new Gmail Account:

3) Now Enter Your Details Like First Name, Last Name, Username, Password, D.O.B & Gender.

4) Do you see the blue box? It is the most important thing, just enter your age under 15 and you will bypass Google detection for mobile verification. Google will think, you are a kid and will not ask a phone number. Is that cool? Now the time for you to try it.

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Method 3: Using Anonymous Mobile Numbers

Ok, if above methods don’t work for your or you want to register on a Number but not yours, there is a way to do this.

There are websites which give an anonymous mobile number to register, you can create n number of Gmail account using any given number.

e.g Receive SMS Online | Free SMS | SMS Online

Method 4: By Removing your Gmail from Phone

Well, if you are already registered with a Gmail Account and want to create a new account on your Mobile. Follow these steps and you can create a number of Gmail Accounts without Mobile Number Verification.

Remove Gmail Account from Phone

  1. Go to Settings-> Accounts-> google .
  2. In the options select “Remove Account”.
  3. Now open google play. It will ask for existing or new account.
    Select new account.
    Enter the details. You won’t be asked for phone no.

Method 5: Some PC Tricks

  • Clear History, Cache and Download data of your browser.
  • Then restart your PC and reconnect your internet connection
  • Now go to Gmail and create a new account they won’t ask you for mobile verification 🙂


  • First of all, clear your browser data
  • Then disconnect your internet connection
  • Now again turn on your data
  • Voila! Now you can create fresh Gmail account without phone verification 🙂

Method 6: Using Gmail App in Android Device

1. Gmail App in some phone installed by default, if in your phone it is not installed, then Install it from Play Store.

2. In Gmail App, it gives you an option to Skip the Mobile Number verification process. So, by using this, we can create unlimited accounts of Gmail. It is requested to add Recover Email Id to the Newly created Gmail account, to avoid the Mobile Number Verification in future.

3. Now, Open Gmail App on your Android Phone/Device. Go to Left Pan of this App, and Click on Down Arrow to view List of all Gmail Accounts added. Now, At last, there is an option to Add Account, select it.

In next window of Set Up Email, select Google –>Create A New Account –> Enter First Name & Last Name–> Enter DOB & Gender –> Enter Password–> In next Window of Mobile Number Verification, you will get a link of Skip, click on it.

At last, just Agree to Terms & Conditions of Gmail, That’s Done. Using This way you can as much as accounts you need.

Method 7: Using Gmail App on PC through Android Emulator

In case, you don’t want to download “Gmail” App or not want to use the android device, you can also use this on your PC/Computer.

1) First thing is that you need an android device or bluestacks software installed on your pc. Download bluestacks software on your pc and install it.

Android Apps on Windows MAC PC or Laptop Blue stacks - Tech Urdu

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2) Open the bluestacks software on your PC. After that go in bluestacks settings and click on Google to create Gmail account. ( In Android Go to Settings =>Accounts =>Add Account =>Google )

3) Add a new google account.

4) After that enter your details first name, last name, select email username, set up recovery email, enter captcha verification and bingo you have created your Gmail account successfully.

5) Note that if you don’t setup recovery email then it will ask for phone number verification in 2-3 days. So I suggest you add recovery email. Recovery email is used to recover your email account when you lose the password.

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