Get Huge Buffs for the Divergent Universe by Exhibit Review in Honkai Star Rail

Get Huge Buffs for the Divergent Universe in Honkai Star Rail

To enhance your experience in the Divergent Universe, follow these steps:

  1. Clear Ordinary Extrapolation V1:
    • Click on “Start Game.”
    • Select “Ordinary Extrapolation” (the top option).
    • Complete the tasks to clear Ordinary Extrapolation V1.
  2. Collect Rewards:
    • After clearing, ensure you collect all available rewards. These rewards are crucial for the next steps.
  3. Talk to Screwllum:
    • Once the rewards are collected, you’ll have the option to talk to Screwllum. Interact with him to proceed.
  4. Navigate to Divergent Universe Collections:
    • Head to the Divergent Universe Collections section.
    • Each item here provides different buffs or benefits in the Exhibit Review of Divergent Universe.
  5. Place Items for Buffs:
    • There are 8 platforms available where you can place these items.
    • Strategically place items based on your requirements and the available characters to maximize the buffs.

By following these steps, you can significantly enhance your performance in the Divergent Universe. If you found this guide useful, don’t forget to subscribe!

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