Genshin Impact all HEALERS | I never knew Kaeya & Zhongli can also Heal

Genshin Impact all Healers

Currently, there are nine (09) healers in Genshin Impact. Some of these can heal the entire party while others can heal a little bit.

Can Heal for Entire Party

First lets talk about those healers who can heal the entire party.

  • Barbara (When the elemental skill is active, both passively and on hit when normal/charged attacks hit enemies. Upon use with elemental burst. Both scale off Barbara’s max HP. If C6 and a party member other than Barabar dies when she is in the party, revives fallen character and restores 100% of their HP. Can only occur once every 15 minutes).
  • Bennett (Upon using elemental burst, if the HP of character inside the burst’s area is lower than 70% total. Constellation 1 removes that percentage restriction. Healing scales off Bennett’s max HP).
  • Diona (Overtime to the active character when the elemental burst is active. Constellation 6 boosts healing if active character’s HP is below 50%. Healing scales off Diona’s max HP).
  • Jean (Elemental burst, when a character is inside the field, scales with Jean’s max ATK).
  • Noelle (Elemental skill, has a chance to heal on hit for an amount that scales with Noelle’s max DEF. The chance of receiving healing begins at 50% and can be upgraded with talent. If C1, then heals 100% of the time if both Noelle’s skill and burst are active. Cannot heal if Noelle is not the active character).
  • Qiqi (Elemental skill, on hit and passively for the active character. Does not require Qiqi to be active for passive healing. Amount of healing scales with Qiqi’s max ATK. Elemental burst, on hit to targets with the talisman. The character who deals damage receives healing does not require Qiqi to be active. Passive talent 2 gives Qiqi a 50% chance to mark enemies with a talisman, once every 30 seconds. C6 revives all fallen party members when the burst is used and restores 50% of their HP, once every 15 minutes).

Can Heal a Little bit

These characters can heal a little bit.

  • Kaeya (When elemental skill hits one or more enemies, converts 15% of damage into HP for Kaeya. Incapable of healing other characters).
  • Xingqiu (When a Rain Sword from elemental skill breaks or runs out, regenerates 6% of Xingqiu’s max HP for active character).
  • Zhongli (Constellation 6, when Jade Shield is active, 40% of any damage taken is converted into HP for the active character, must be 8% or less of that character’s total HP).

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