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[Update: April 4, 2018]

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Is Codenamed ‘Winner”

samsung foldable smartphone - tech urdu

We recently heard some more details about the new Samsung foldable smartphone, the handset is rumored to come with dual 3.5-inch displays. Now we also have some more information about the device.

According to a recent report, the handset is codenamed ‘Winner’ at Samsung, this has apparently be changed recently from ‘Project valley’ as Samsung’s appears to think that their new devices will be a hit.

We previously heard that the handset will feature two 3.5 inch display which can be folded out into one 7 inch display. The whole size of the smartphone will apparently be about the same size as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 when the displays are folded out.

Samsung has not revealed as yet on exactly when the handset will launch, they had originally planned to launch it this year, but have said it may launch in early 2019. We suspect that Samsung will be making their new foldable smartphone official at Mobile World Congress next February.

Source Sammobile

[Update: April 13, 2018]

Huawei Might Beat Samsung To Launch Of World’s First Foldable Smartphone

Foldable Smartphone - Tech Urdu
According to a recent report from Korean publication ETNews (via XDA), Huawei (the Chinese phone maker) might launch the world’s first foldable smartphone in November this year, beating Samsung in the process. The report claims that Huawei will contract LG for the foldable OLED displays since it’s directly competing with Samsung to bring a foldable smartphone to the market.

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Technically we’ve already seen a modern folding phone. In late 2017 ZTE released the Axon M, which has two screens and opens like a book to create the illusion of one extra-large screen. But the key distinction between the Axon M and these concepts lie in the phone’s folding screen.

Unlike the ZTE Axon M, which was released earlier this year, the foldable smartphones from Samsung and Huawei will make use of foldable OLED displays which will allow them to be folded and bent without requiring hinges. As of now, Huawei has released no official information regarding the matter.

Huawei, the world’s third-largest phonemaker, sorely needs a win against Samsung, the largest in total sales volume. For Huawei, a foldable phone win represents more than just a fresh frontier in a static industry. It represents the opportunity to beat out the world’s top players, even without the support of the all-important US market.

Previously, Samsung Mobile president DJ Koh has even gone on the record to talk about the company’s plans for a foldable Galaxy phone and has previously told reporters to expect a folding phone as early as this year. But according to the ETNews report, Huawei is hoping to beat its competitor.

Samsung’s folding phone is expected to use its flexible OLED display tech. Meanwhile, Huawei will reportedly use flexible screens from LG Display, according to ETNews.

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