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Extract Vocal and Instrumental Tracks from any Audio

As a creator, you need to extract vocal and instrumental tracks from any audio. So, whether you are an audio enthusiast or a karaoke fan, having separate vocals and instrumental parts for a song is a must. Not only it helps you practice your skills with ease, but it also gives you a deeper appreciation of the piece.

However, finding separate vocals and backtracks is difficult, especially if the music is not so mainstream. In such cases, you need a tool that can help you split vocals and instrumental stems. Here, we are featuring a service that accomplishes the same. It is, and it can separate vocals and instrumentals from any song, podcast, movie, or audio file. – Extract Vocal and Instrumental Tracks from any Audio is an online service that uses a machine-learning algorithm to precisely identify and carefully separate vocal and instrumental tracks. It was trained on 20TB of data with 45 million neural network parameters and advanced digital signal processing. In this article, we will look at its features and see how it can help you get the vocals and backtracks of any audio file you want.

As it’s clear from the name, uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithm to identify and split vocals and instrumentals. One of the biggest benefits of using AI is that the system keeps getting better as more people use it.

How to Extract Vocal and Instrumental Tracks from any Audio? offers a web-based app that is extremely easy to use. First, open’s website using the link below and upload your track and wait for it to get processed. Once done, listen to the separated stems and download them if you are happy with the result.

Pricing and Availability is available for anyone to use. You can click on the link below and access the uber-cool tool. I love the pricing structure as it only charges you for the service you use. There is no subscription service or up-front pricing. You only pay for what you use. You can upload a track and check the results for free. It even offers a free tier that allows you to process 3 tracks (up to 10 minutes in total).

If you like the service and are ready to pay, you will be happy to know that has a reasonable pricing. It charges $10 for processing up to 10 tracks or 90 minutes total. Paying $30 will increase that to 30 input tracks or 500 minutes in total. And if you want more, you can contact them directly to get a custom quote.

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[Video] Extract Vocal and Instrumental Tracks from any Audio | Audio Splitting | [Hindi/Urdu]

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