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Evo Wingle Problems – Usage Alert, Connectivity and Balance Problems

Evo Wingle Problems – Usage Alert, Connectivity and Balance Problems

Guys if you use Evo Wingle then you surely face many problems. I’ve already made some videos on important problems regarding Evo Wingle connectivity. See video links below.

[VIDEO] Usage Alert and Connectivity Problems – Evo Wingle Problems [Urdu/Hindi]

In this video, I’m going to talk about Usage Alert Warning problem. If you have balance in your Evo Wingle device and also there is time for the expiry yet you see Usage Alert Problem – ie you have consumed your all data, therefore, you need to repackage again (while you know that your data is still remaining. So in such a situation, I have got the simplest and quickest solution.

[VIDEO] Load Balance and Evo Does Not Work – Evo Wingle Problems [Urdu/Hindi]

Guys sometimes you easy load balance to your Evo wingle or other net providing a device and yet face problems using it. It is because your balance has been loaded but your device needs activation which sometimes happens. In this video, I am going to show the easiest way to solve this problem activate and resent your Evo wingle device.


Evo Wingle Problems – Question & Answers

Q1. What are the recharge mechanisms available for Prepaid recharge?

A. You can recharge your account by using the below-mentioned recharge mechanisms:
• EVO-Vfone Scratch cards
• Uload retailers
• Easy Paisa Shops
• PTCL OSS Top-Up service
• PTCL Landline Recharge service

Q2. How do I recharge my Evo Prepay Account?

A. To recharge your account simply open the “softphone” from your Evo Software and dial 1015. Press 1 after language selection to recharge your account. Enter your 13 digit Vfone recharge voucher number. To recharge more balance, please repeat the process.

Q3. When is my account balance deducted?

A. Your account balance is deducted the first time you connect to the internet. The validity of your account is automatically extended as per your subscribed package.

Q4. How do I check my account balance?

A. To check your account balance, simply open the “softphone” from your Evo Software and dial 1015. Press 2 after language selection to check the remaining balance in your account.
(Please note that as per our system working, the first time you connect to the internet, your balance would drop down to Re.1 but this would have no effect on your browsing ability)

Q5. How can I check my usage limit?

A. Customer can get their usage by emailing at evo.support@ptcl.net.pk.

Q6. How can I change my Evo Prepay Package?

A. Prepaid customers can have their package switched by sending an email to evosupport.packages@ptcl.net.pk  or calling our Toll Free helpline 1236. The package can also be switched by visiting any PTCL One Stop Shop. Your package will be switched within 24hours.
Please note that any unused balance in the account shall be lost upon package change, so please ensure to utilize any unused balance before package conversion.

Q7. What if I switch to a postpaid package when I still have balance valid in my Prepay account?

A. If you switch to a postpaid package with the unutilized balance in your prepaid account, the unutilized balance would not be carried forward and billing for the package would be done separately as per the package requirements.

Q8. What if I have unutilized balance in my Prepaid account and I want to switch to another prepaid Package?

A. In Case of any package switches, the unutilized balance is washed out. You’ll have to load a new card as per the package requirements; to get connected.

Q9. What is the package validity for EVO Prepay packages?

A. All packages are valid for 30days; starting the day you connect to our network for the first time. EVO DayPass 3GB, however, has a validity of 2 days.

Q10. What will happen if I have utilized my volume limit; with an additional balance in my account?

A. In such cases, you would be charged on per MB basis for each additional MB you utilize; based on your selected package.

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  • Anonymous

    my ptcl evo is showing rum card has been destryoed how can i fix it?

  • kiya ap bta sakte he ke evo me jub se reset laghaya GE green light he nhe chal rhe red chal rhe he kiya ap is ka hal btao ghe kse sahe hogha

    • aap evo unplug kro k phr sa lagao aor laptop ya pc ma laga k reboot kry agr reboot sa problem solve na o then reset kry agr phr b problem then ap pouchy. waisy Insha Allah app ka kaam o jay ga 🙂

  • Which internet source you have?? What is the most common problem you face??


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