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Welcome to our comprehensive guide for the “Escape from Certain Doom” quest in Zenless Zone Zero. This walkthrough provides step-by-step instructions to help you rescue the construction team from the Hollow, collect all observation data, and navigate through the different floors effectively. Ideal for both new and experienced players, this guide will ensure you complete the mission efficiently. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more Zenless Zone Zero guides and updates!


1. Accept the Commission:

  • Start the quest by accepting the commission from the board.

2. Node Decryption:

  • Point 1: Head to this point to unlock the map.
  • Point 2: Collect the observation data here.
  • Point 3: Proceed to enter the map of Floor 2.
  • Point 4: Talk to the NPC to unlock the left area.
  • Point 5: Unlock the map of Floor 1 and return by retracing your steps.
  • Point 6: Complete the battle here and unlock the observation data.
  • Point 7: Return to Floor 2 and talk to the NPC at point 8 to unlock the right area.
  • Point 9: Reach Floor 3, collecting purple chests along the way.
  • Point 10: Unlock the area around the central chest on Floor 1.
  • Point 11: Unlock the bottom-right area of the map on Floor 1.
  • Point 12: Return to Floor 1, defeat enemies at point 13, and unlock observation data.
  • Point 13: Talk to the NPC above.
  • Point 14: Collect the central chest on Floor 1, then head to this point to talk to the NPC.
  • Point 15: Unlock the door on Floor 2 and obtain the treasure chest.
  • Point 16: Return the way you came to complete the level.

3. Objectives:

  • Primary Objective: Rescue all construction team members.
  • Optional Objectives: Collect 3 sets of observation data in the area.

4. Recommended Team:

  • Koleda + Ben + Soldier 11: This team composition is recommended for balancing attack and defense during the quest.

5. Rewards:

  • Completing the quest will reward you with valuable items and experience points.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Combat Strategy: Utilize character abilities and switch characters strategically to counter enemy attacks.
  • Exploration: Thoroughly explore each area to find hidden chests and observation data.
  • Navigation: Pay attention to the node decryption points to unlock new areas and progress through the floors efficiently.

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