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Emergency Rescue is a main quest in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ). This guide will provide a detailed walkthrough on how to unlock and complete this main story commission, including information about the Hollow map and the rewards you can earn.

Quest Information

Emergency Rescue Main Story Details:

  • Required Level: 22
  • Enemy Level: 22
  • Location: Sixth Street, Abandoned Metro
  • Client: Belle/Wise
  • Recommended Attributes:
    • Ether
    • Fire
    • Ice
  • Time: Anytime

Description: Emergency Rescue is a Main Story commission set during Chapter 1 Intermission. It follows the events of Path of the Proxy I and involves finding your missing sibling.

How to Unlock

To unlock Emergency Rescue, you must complete the previous quest, Path of the Proxy I.


Track Your Sibling’s Whereabouts Using HDD

After completing Path of the Proxy I, return to Random Play and use the HDD System to start the Emergency Rescue commission.

Emergency Rescue Hollow Guide

Map 1:

Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. Go to the Top Center Monitor:
    • Destroy the damaged walls by hitting them repeatedly.
    • Fight the enemies at the Top Center Monitor.
    • Talk to the Fashionably Dressed Woman to unlock a new path.
  2. Get the First Observation Data:
    • Go to the lower right of the map to collect the first Observation Data.
  3. Go to the Magnifying Glass Monitor:
    • Unlock a new portion of the map by interacting with the Magnifying Glass monitor.
    • Fight the enemies and talk to the Rugged-looking Man to reveal another magnifying glass monitor.
  4. Fight the Second Enemy:
    • Progress and defeat the enemies in the newly unlocked path.
  5. Get the Second Observation Data:
    • Before proceeding to the new magnifying glass monitor, collect the second Observation Data on the right.
  6. Proceed Forward and Fight the Enemy:
    • Follow the new path and engage in combat at the new enemy monitor.
  7. Go to the Exit While Avoiding the Train:
    • Collect Gear Coins and the final Observation Data while avoiding the train.
    • Use 3000 Gear Coins to unlock the Functional Exit Gate and complete the quest.


Quest Rewards:

  • Polychrome x60
  • Denny x9000
  • Bangboo Algorithm Module x2
  • Inter-Knot Credit x450
  • Elite Investigator’s Supply Box x2
  • Senior Investigator’s Supply Box x2

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