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Emergency Rescue 2 Quest Guide

Emergency Rescue 2 is a main quest in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ). See how to unlock Emergency Rescue 2, a walkthrough on how to complete this main story commission, its Hollow guide, and its rewards here!

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Emergency Rescue 2 Quest Information

Emergency Rescue 2 Main Story Details

  • Required Level: 22
  • Enemy Level: 22
  • Location: Sixth Street, Abandoned Metro
  • Client: Timid Highschool Girl
  • Recommended Attributes: Physical, Fire
  • Time: Anytime

Emergency Rescue 2 is a Main Story commission that is the second part of the Emergency Rescue where you need to find your sibling’s whereabouts.

Emergency Rescue 2 is one of the subquests in Chapter 1 Intermission. To unlock this commission, Proxies will need to finish the previous quest, Emergency Rescue.

Complete this quest to unlock the next mission in the questline, Somewhat Totally Out of Control.

How to Unlock Emergency Rescue 2

Complete Emergency Rescue

Emergency Rescue 2 is a subquest of Chapter 1 Intermission and can only be unlocked upon completing the previous commission in the questline, Emergency Rescue.

Complete this quest to progress through the story and unlock the next commission in the questline, Somewhat Totally Out of Control.

Emergency Rescue 2 Quest Walkthrough

Emergency Rescue 2 Guide

Talk to the Survivors

  • Talk to SurvivorsAfter finishing Emergency Rescue, go investigate outside by talking to the Public Security officer and the survivors you rescued. After talking to the Timid Highschool Girl, this will unlock the commission.

Complete the Commission Using the HDD

  • Emergency Rescue 2Go back to Random Play and do the commission on your HDD System. Choose Story Commission and pick Emergency Rescue 2. Players must prepare as enemies in this commission are Level 22.

Emergency Rescue 2 Hollow Guide

Emergency Rescue 2 Hollow Map

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Move Upwards While Avoiding Targeted Areas
    • Avoid Targeted Areas The main danger of this map is that random monitors will get targeted and bombed the moment you move. Move upwards while avoiding the targeted areas (highlighted in red). Getting hit will damage your Agents.
  2. Get the First Observation Data
    • First Observation Data Along the way, you will see the first Observation Data. Use the track to speed up towards the observation data while avoiding getting hit.
  3. Get the Second Observation Data
    • Second Observation Data Continue upwards until you see the second Observation Data which is blocked by walls. Use this opportunity to move around the area so that the enemies will target the blocks in order to destroy them so you can access the observation data.
  4. Press the Two Switches
    • Press the Two Switches Proceed up until you see the two switches. Press them to change the direction of the tracks so you can go further up.
  5. Collect the Final Observation Data and Defeat the Enemy
    • Final Observation Data At the top, there will be no more enemies targeting the different monitors but you will see an event where an enemy will block the way towards rescuing your sibling. Obtain the final observation data first, as well as heal up if you have enough Gear Coins. Finally, challenge the enemy to rescue Belle or Wise.

Emergency Rescue 2 Rewards

Quest Rewards

  • All Quest Rewards
    • Polychrome x60
    • Denny x9000
    • Bangboo Algorithm Module x2
    • Inter-Knot Credit x450
    • Elite Investigator’s Supply Box x1
    • Senior Investigator’s Supply Box x2

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