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Encountering puzzles during your adventures in Genshin Impact adds an exciting layer of challenge and strategy. In the Sigewinne Story Quest Domain, as part of the “Nereides Chapter: The Warmth of Lies,” players face an intriguing cart puzzle that requires both tactical movement and timely action. This guide will help you navigate through this puzzle with ease.\

Location and Preparation

Location: Sigewinne Story Quest Domain, Rawat’s Private Lab
Preparation: Before opening the door to the lab, ensure you have your strongest Hydro characters in your party for combat. Sigewinne is also available as a trial character within this domain.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Cart Puzzle

Step 1:
Upon entering the lab, you will confront several enemies, including Clockwork Meka and enemies dressed as Gardes. Defeat them to gain access to the deeper parts of the lab.

Step 2:
Proceed until you encounter a large room with broken jars and a central massive machine. After exhausting dialogue options with your team, you will find the cart puzzle.

Step 3 – First Cart Puzzle:

  1. Approach the movable rail joint and rotate it clockwise to align the tracks.
  2. Head to the loaded cart and activate it to start moving.
  3. Return to the rail joint, rotate it counterclockwise, aligning the cart with the locked door.
  4. Activate the cart again to open the door and proceed.

Step 4 – Second Cart Puzzle:

  1. Encounter a more complex cart puzzle guarded by Pyro Slimes—defeat them to clear the area.
  2. Locate the first cart and activate it to start its movement.
  3. Rotate the joint counterclockwise and activate the cart to move it to the side track.
  4. Approach an unloaded cart, activate it, and then adjust the joint to remove it from the tracks.
  5. Return to the loaded cart, activate it to bring it back to the movable joint.
  6. Adjust the joint by rotating it clockwise twice to align it with the track leading to the farthest door.
  7. You can either continue adjusting the joint or interact directly with the loaded cart. Ensure the tracks are connected, then activate the cart to solve the puzzle and open the door leading to Potton’s potion lab.

Tips for Success

  • Patience and Timing: Take your time to understand the layout of the tracks and the mechanism of each joint.
  • Character Selection: Utilize characters with abilities that can manipulate or affect environmental objects to make solving puzzles easier.
  • Trial Character: Make full use of Sigewinne if you haven’t added her to your party, as her abilities might be particularly effective in this domain.

By following these steps, you will be able to swiftly navigate through the cart puzzles in Sigewinne’s Story Quest Domain. Genshin Impact continues to offer a rich and engaging gameplay experience with these interactive challenges!

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