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Divorcekart is India’s First Legal App for 24×7 Divorce-Related Assistance

Vandana shah first divorce app

Vandana Shah, a renowned divorce lawyer, has released an app called “Divorcekart” – India’s first dedicated portal for divorce-related legal queries and resources. The app language is English and is available on both Android and iOS and will help users understand their rights and process while seeking a separation from their spouses and offers free immediate legal solutions.

Divorcekart is India first app about divorce app

With stress, diversions and the lack of willingness to compromise taking a massive toll on relationships, divorces are on the rise across the world, and India, unfortunately, isn’t insulated from the trend either. However, unlike many other parts of the world, the societal stigma attached with the ending of a marriage is a huge hurdle for couples looking to go their separate ways. Instead of getting physiological counseling and legal advice that are so necessary at this stage, most individuals who are separated from their spouses find it hard to approach people with the know-how to help them at these emotionally and financially stressful time. The solution is Divorcekart.

Divorcekart is an app to guide you through the legal process in India. It sifts the relevant information from the irrelevant information. It provides you a 360 degree view of the legal process in India. The app will only be a help platform to understand one’s legal rights and would not recommend or advise any person to end a marriage or continue with it.

Divorcekart is India first app about divorce app android

Apart from providing legal information, the app will also feature a 24×7 chat option and inform users about court proceedings. The app will also ensure that confidentiality of users’ personal information is maintained and their data is not shared with any third party.

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