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How to Detect and Avoid Credit Card Skimmers?

Ok! with the advancement in Technology, life is getting easier, smoother, and better day by day. But there is other side of the coin. It comes with its curse as well. One of the main thing that the recent world if facing is the theft of data; be it in the shape of any Ransomwares, Credit Card Skimmers or other skimming methods.

It is a constant struggle to protect our data. With the advancement in Technology new methods are being paved to overcome the obstacles and restrictions and get access into personal, private and important data.

Recently the installation of credit card skimmers, especially at locations such as petrol / gas pumps, stores, marts, etc in vague. With a simple piece of hardware and couple of seconds to install it, a skimmer can easily steal credit card numbers without anyone knowing. Recent reports and news is full with such incidents.

Well the GREAT NEWS is that there is an easy solution to get rid of such unwanted happenings. The CEO of SparkFun, Nate Seidle, partnered with programmer Nick Poole to develop a mobile application “Skimmer Scanner.” This free, open-source Android app is built to detect credit card skimmers that are used most popularly in the area around your phone, specifically at a petrol / gas station.

This app uses your phone’s Bluetooth radio to detect a common radio component in modern fuel pump skimmers (HC-05) and warns you if you’re about to get scammed. It attempts to establish a connection, and then verifies if there is, in fact, a skimmer in the vicinity.

Important Note by App The Developers

The effective range of this app varies by phone and by skimmer. For best results, hold your phone close to the gas pump. Also, please keep in mind that failure to detect an HC-05 based device does not guarantee there is no skimmer present. There’s always a risk to sticking your card in a strange machine.

Skimmer Scanner can be Downloaded (free) by the following link for Android Devices:


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