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The Smart Visiting Cards

If you’re a business owner or a startup founder, then you probably already know how important business cards really are. But, with most business being conducted digitally and smartly today, it sort of makes sense to have the smart business card or a virtual business card too. Well, if you’ve been wanting one, then Idencard app is worth peeking at.

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Why not Physical Business Cards?

Physical visiting cards fail to go everywhere and this limits the reach and visibility of your business. No one carries dozens of physical visiting cards anymore.

Another issue that digital business cards solve is that in physical cards, you cannot include clickable links to your website, email, or social profiles, while with Idencard – you can, which makes lead capturing all the easier.

Now with Idencard digital business cards App, you can easily create a free business card online in minutes, customize it on-the-fly with your company’s logo, business details, and personalized theme to make a statement of an impression in front of your prospects.

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Why Idencard – Smart Business Card?

Idencard also lets you connect with as many people as you wish by sending your card to them for a QR code scanning. Now, here’s the best part – You can share the card even with people who don’t have the app installed. You can use WhatsApp, Gmail, etc. to do the same.

What’s more! Changes you make to your IDENCARD are updated right away on your connection’s devices, and vice versa, which makes sure you have the most up-to-the-minute information about your connection.

Main Features of Idencard

    • Create a card and distribute it with anyone
    • Use business login to create cards with a custom theme for your employees
    • Create notes and set reminders for your important business engagements
    • Create a personal theme for your business with a unique logo, details, social links, etc
    • Save the environment and, of course, the money and time wasted in getting physical cards
    • Scan the QR code of any IDENCARD you receive to add the person to your list of connections instantly
    • With GPS-powered QR code tracking, you can easily find out ‘where your card was scanned’ by someone – the location and date gets embedded at the bottom of your card
    • Grow your list of connections to increase business interactions
    • Manager, filter and modify your connections on-the-go
    • Verify your employees’ details on IDENCARD to inspire trust and encourage authentic business interactions

Contribute your bit to preserve paper and, thus, the environment

Create Cards for Your Employees

For enterprises, Idencard offers a Business Login section where business admins can create a card for their employees and customize them with their custom theme, business details, logo, social links, and more to create a lasting impression on the prospects.

How to Use Idencard?

As soon as you log in, you’ll be given an option to create visiting or business cards right away. The app itself is highly responsive and easy-to-navigate, and it works on all devices just as well. The app also has an intuitive design, which makes it easier for even a novice to use it without getting confused. It also lets you create a visiting card deck for your entire team, which can be a boon for startups.

Idencard, with all its features, is pretty much the best option if you want to catch up on your business leads in a modern and efficient way.

Download Idencard from the Play Store (Free)

Create Your Digital Smart Business Card (Video)

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