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Welcome to our guide on completing the Echo Challenge: Clang Bang at Hongzhen in Wuthering Waves. Follow these detailed steps to navigate through this challenge successfully.

How to Complete the Echo Challenge: Clang Bang at Hongzhen

  1. Locate the Echo Challenge:
    • Fast-travel to the Huanglong-Mt. Firmament-Hongzhen Resonance Beacon.
    • Walk south along the path until you reach the Echo Challenge: Clang Bang pedestal.
  2. Transform and Position:
    • Transform into a Clang Bang.
    • Insert yourself facing forward on the second tier, between the two ice cubes, to match the diagram to the left.

Challenge Tips

  • Observe the Diagram: Carefully observe the diagram provided at the pedestal to ensure correct positioning.
  • Use the Levitator Tool: If needed, use the Levitator tool to move objects around for better alignment.

Chamber Tides Tasks

Complete these tasks to earn additional rewards:

  1. Complete the First Step of Loong’s Offering: Pearl
    • Rewards: 40 Astrite, 4 Premium Resonance Potions, 20,000 Shell Credits
  2. Complete the Echo Challenge: Clang Bang at Coiled Loong Cliff
    • Rewards: 40 Astrite, 3 Advanced Energy Cores, 15 Pavo Plums
  3. Complete the Stone Lift Challenge at Tianqu Tree
    • Rewards: 40 Astrite, 3 Advanced Sealed Tubes, 6 Medium Energy Cores
  4. Defeat the Mighty Lightcrusher
    • Rewards: 2 Advanced Resonance Potions, 2 Medium Sealed Tubes, 10,000 Shell Credits

To unlock these tasks, you must first complete the Main Quest Truthseeker’s Pass.

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Prologue Chapter

  1. Prologue Act 1: Utterance of Marvels: I
  2. Prologue Act 2: Utterance of Marvels: II

Chapter 1 Acts 1-6

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  6. Chapter 1 Act 6: Grand Warstorm

Chapter 1 Act 7: Thaw of Eons

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  2. Dreamy Scents
  3. To Mt. Firmament
  4. Truthseeker’s Pass
  5. Road of Pilgrimage
  6. Mianloong Chamber
  7. The Commander of Time
  8. Dawn of Snowstorm

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