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Venture deep into the mysterious underground labs in Genshin Impact’s Sigewinne Story Quest. The “Underground Crime” chapter is filled with challenges that test your puzzle-solving abilities and combat skills. Here’s how you can navigate this adventure efficiently.

Objectives Breakdown

Objective 1:

  • Task: Enter Rawat’s private lab immediately after opening the door.
  • Preparation: Bring your strongest Hydro characters for battling the domain’s monsters. Sigewinne is available as a trial character, offering unique advantages in this domain.

Objective 2:

  • Encounter: Defeat Clockwork Meka and the Gardes-dressed enemies upon entering.
  • Strategy: Utilize area-of-effect (AoE) Hydro attacks to manage groups of enemies effectively.

Objective 3:

  • Exploration: Proceed until a large room with broken jars and a central massive machine is visible.
  • Action: Engage with all NPCs exhaustively to unlock further progression.

Objective 4 to 12 – Cart Puzzle Series:

  • Initial Setup: Rotate the movable rail joint clockwise to align the first cart.
  • Operation: Move the cart to face various locked doors by adjusting the joint’s orientation and activating the cart movement.
  • Complex Puzzle: Solve a more intricate cart puzzle involving multiple carts and rail adjustments to navigate through locked doors leading deeper into the lab.

Objective 13:

  • Climax Battle: Confront Potton arguing with others; defeat the waves of enemies as the Marechaussee Phantom officers subdue the guards.
  • Tip: Prepare for intense combat; consider using characters with strong crowd control abilities.

Objective 14:

  • Event: Listen to the dialogue between Sigewinne and Potton to understand their plans and next moves.
  • Note: Pay attention to the storyline as it sets the stage for subsequent quests.

Objective 15:

  • Final Step: Follow Potton to his mother’s residence located north of Court of Fontaine.
  • Preparation: Ensure you have adequate health and resources as the quest continues at this new location.

Tips for Success

  • Character Synergy: Leverage Sigewinne’s trial abilities along with your Hydro characters to maximize your combat effectiveness against the domain’s challenges.
  • Puzzle Strategy: Take your time with the cart puzzles. Analyzing the track layout before making moves can prevent repetitive adjustments and save time.
  • Dialogue Interactions: Exhaust all dialogue options with characters to ensure no details are missed, as they might be crucial for quest progression.

This guide to the “Underground Crime” objective provides you with a comprehensive approach to tackling the challenges within Sigewinne’s Story Quest in Genshin Impact. By following these steps, you’ll be well-prepared to explore the depths of the underground labs and uncover the mysteries that await.

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