Complete Guide to General Chop and Susie’s Commission in Zenless Zone Zero

In this comprehensive guide, we walk you through General Chop and Susie’s Commission in Zenless Zone Zero. Learn how to complete their quests efficiently, discover tips and tricks, and uncover hidden rewards. Whether you’re new to the game or looking to optimize your gameplay, this guide has everything you need. Join us as we explore the challenges and adventures in the post-apocalyptic world of New Eridu. Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe for more Zenless Zone Zero guides and updates!


  1. Introduction to General Chop’s Commission:
    • Visit General Chop’s location in New Eridu.
    • Accept the commission by interacting with General Chop.
  2. Completing General Chop’s Tasks:
    • Task 1: Gather materials from the specified Hollow area.
      • Navigate to the Hollow and defeat enemies to collect materials.
      • Return to General Chop with the materials.
    • Task 2: Escort a supply convoy through a dangerous zone.
      • Protect the convoy from Ethereal attacks.
      • Ensure the convoy reaches its destination safely.
    • Task 3: Eliminate a powerful Ethereal boss.
      • Track down the boss in its lair.
      • Use a combination of basic, special, and chain attacks to defeat the boss.
      • Return to General Chop for your reward.
  3. Introduction to Susie’s Commission:
    • Find Susie in the market area of New Eridu.
    • Accept the commission by interacting with Susie.
  4. Completing Susie’s Tasks:
    • Task 1: Deliver a message to a contact in a distant part of the city.
      • Avoid enemy patrols and navigate through the city.
      • Deliver the message to the designated contact.
    • Task 2: Retrieve a stolen item from a gang hideout.
      • Infiltrate the hideout and avoid detection.
      • Retrieve the stolen item and return it to Susie.
    • Task 3: Assist in a covert operation to gather intelligence.
      • Use stealth to gather information without being detected.
      • Return to Susie with the collected intelligence for your reward.
  5. Tips and Tricks:
    • Utilize your squad’s abilities to tackle different tasks efficiently.
    • Pay attention to enemy weaknesses and use appropriate strategies.
    • Explore the city and Hollows thoroughly to find hidden rewards.

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