Charge Your Smartphones in a Few Seconds

How much your smartphones takes to get charged fully? Even if you’re using a fast charger with latest wireless, type-C technology still it takes an hour to charge your phone from 0 to 100%.

Ever wondered if you could charge your mobile instantly – just like that!! Well the future is here. Researchers at Canada’s University of Waterloo have developed a new charging technology that will let users juice up their smartphone’s battery within a matter of seconds – Oh man!.

The team has created a groundbreaking form of an electrical energy-harnessing device called ‘Supercapacitor’, which employs atomically-thin layers of Graphene (a form of carbon consisting of planar sheets which are one atom thick, with the atoms arranged in a honeycomb-shaped lattice) to maximize the charge storage capacity of batteries.

Regarding the progress made by the group, a member said,“We are showing record numbers for the energy-storage capacity of supercapacitors, And the more energy-dense we can make them, the more batteries we can start displacing.”

As per their report, the supercapacitor technology has the potential to replace conventional batteries and can be employed in a wide range of consumer electronics and automobiles.

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