Lyft Cars Played Despacito Remix Using Horns and Car Alarms

Lyft Cars Played Despacito Remix Using Horns and Car Alarms

Have you ever enjoyed the blowing horn or alarm of a car? Well, I should not have asked the question as I already know the answer is NO! It’s not very often that you hear a car alarm go off and do not feel irritated if it goes on for more than 3 seconds. Well, let me tell you that in Germany Cars Played Despacito. Wondering how awesome it would be? Have a look at the video.

But, ride-sharing company Lyft tried to emphasize on “music is everywhere” by using car alarms, horns, and headlights and playing them to the tunes of 7 Grammy 2018-nominated songs.

This flash mob by cars gained a lot of attention from passers-by who couldn’t resist capturing the moment. Whether a marketing attempt or a way to cleanse its image from the recent controversy about snoopy employees, the songs will surely get you moving.

You can catch a remix of Despacito ‘Cars Played Despacito’ (below) or even find the Grammy winner Humble by Kendrix Lamar. You can watch the other 5 songs on Lyft’s YouTube channel.

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Courtesy: Beebom

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