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How to Break the Seal on the Seaside Ruins at Loong’s Crest

In Wuthering Waves’ “After the Snow” section of the Tales from Mt. Firmament event, players are tasked with breaking a seal placed on the seaside ruins at Loong’s Crest. Follow these steps to complete the task:

  1. Locate the Seal:
    • The seal is in a building south of the most eastern Resonance Beacon near the Crownless Tactical Hologram.
  2. Activate the Chrono Sorter:
    • Use the Chrono Sorter mechanism to collapse a platform.
  3. Manipulate the Magnetic Cube:
    • Find the magnetic cube inside the bottom floor left section, place it on the collapsed platform, and then reverse the time to lift the platform with the cube.
  4. Solve the Echo Challenge:
    • Find the Echo Challenge: Clang Bang right of the ice-blocked door and use the mechanism as an ice cube to break the ice.
  5. Unlock the Seal:
    • Carry both cubes inside to the pressure plate to unlock the seal. Entering the previously sealed room completes the task, allowing you to collect the chest inside.


  • Completing this task will grant you various rewards, enhancing your gameplay experience.

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