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Blogger (Blogspot) Google Adsense Earning (with PROOF)

My First Blogger (Blogspot) Google Adsense Earning

Does Blogger (BlogSpot) pay us? I mean we get the FREE domain (blogspot.com) and free hosting (unlimited space) from Google and still get paid by the Google. Well, the answer is YES we get paid.


I have been working on one to the Blogspot sites of mine and recently I received my Blogger (Blogspot) Google Adsense Earning. (This earning does not include my other websites/youtube earnings). I was thinking why not I share this with you guys because of the fact that people STILL doubt over being paid by Adsense using Free services of Blogger (Blogspot).

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How much time does it take to transfer the money to your bank?

As per them, it will take up to Five Working Days for the transfer to get completed while in my case (Pakistan -> Balochistan Province -> Mastung District) it took only two days to the transfer. So it depends and varies from place to place and the method of payments you selected.

In an email by Adsense, it informs you that it can take up to 5 Working Days. If you haven’t received your payment within 5 business days from the day of the email, please contact your bank for more details.

How much can we earn from Google Adsense for Blogger (Blogspot)?

The amount that has been transferred into my account is $119.73 (earning of three months). Google Threshold is $100 – it means once you reach $100 each month, then you get paid.

Below is a screenshot of how much I got paid. The amount is approximately Rs. 14,500/- Since, in Pakistan, currently $1 = Rs. 125, so $119.73 equals 14,500/- (The bank deducted Rs. 500).

Google Adsense Blogger Blogspot SMS - Tech Urdu

So, how much you get paid depends upon many factors like the total number of visitors on your Blog; where you are getting views (traffic) from as in USA, UK, Canada, etc you get more CPC (Cost Per Click) as compared to Pakistan, India, and other such countries (because Advertisers pay lesser in these regions).

In counties like USA/UK, one can get paid up to $5 per ad click while this amount is very low in India/Pakistan like countries.

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How you get Paid?

One of the greatest advantages of using Google Adsense is that there are multiple ways by which you get paid like direct check (to your address), bank transfer, PayPal, etc which makes the conclusion that you don’t have to worry about how you get paid. I chose the bank transfer method.

When are you Paid?

As stated earlier, once you cross the Adsense Threshold of $100, then the process of payment begins. Once you cross it (and everything is complete like the Payment Method, etc) then you get an email from Google Adsense.

Google Adsense Mail of Blogger Blogspot Earning - Tech Urdu

The contents of the email are like:

Google Adsense Blogger Blogspot email - Tech Urdu

So, there is no doubt that Google Adsense pays your for your hard work. Still, there are some techniques and methods employing which you can get more traffic and hence more earnings.

(Video) Blogger (Blogspot) Google Adsense Earning (with PROOF)

Video Timestamps:

  • Received My First Blogger Earning by Google AdSense: 0:29
  • How Long it Took to Receive My First Blogger Earning by Google AdSense? 0:30
  • Proof of My First Blogger Earning by Google AdSense 2:08
  • How to Get Your First Blogger Earning by Google AdSense in Pakistan? 2:42
  • When does AdSense Send Payments to Your Account? 03:00
  • How Long it Takes to Receive Your Blogger Earning by Google AdSense into Your Account in Pakistan? 3:15
  • When to Do the Bank Account Settings to Get Your First Blogger Earning by Google AdSense? 4:18
  • What is My First Blogger Earning by Google AdSense in Pakistani Rupees? 05:06
  • How Much Tax is Deducted in Pakistan to Get Your Blogger Earning by Google AdSense in Pakistan? 5:36


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  • I have read your blog and you earn 14k approx within 3 months nice but I have a question I started a blog in 2021 so I upload one blog in one week it is good or bad for Adsense approval, how many blog on websites for making good money from Adsense.


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