Best Android/iOS Apps of 2019 (So Far)

So, it is time to update your Home Screen with these brand new Best Android/iOS Apps of 2019 (So Far).

Here, we’ll be discussing the best apps of 2019. These are not the apps that have been previously on the play store/apple store and now got some popularity. Rather, these have been developed in 2019 and so far are the best android/iOS apps of 2019.

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Best Game of 2019 – Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Best Game of 2019 - Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The latest game from the Pokémon Go creator is going to be one of this summer’s more memorable games. And it’s easy to see why. It takes the same formula that made Pokémon Go one of the most successful games ever and brings it to one of the most beloved franchises of all time.

Download (Free): iOSAndroid

Best Privacy App of 2019 – Jumbo

Best Privacy App of 2019 - Jumbo - Tech Urdu

Jumbo helps you adjust your privacy settings and lock down your most important accounts.

Use the app to check up on some of those vital but impossibly hard to find privacy settings for your Google, Facebook and Amazon accounts. Or, if you use Twitter, use the app to back up and delete old tweets.

The app does more than just suggest what privacy settings to change, though, it thoughtfully explains why it’s a good idea to change them. Most importantly, the app doesn’t collect any of your information and all your data stays on your phone. 

Download (Free): iOS

Best Camera App of 2019 – Spectre

Best Camera App of 2019 - Spectre - Tech Urdu

Spectre allows you to shoot the kind of breathtaking photos you never thought was possible on an iPhone alone.

The app takes a creative (and clever) approach to long exposure shots. Whether you want to make crowds and cars disappear from daytime shots, or create waves of light at night, Spectre lets you take long exposure shots without the need for a tripod.

That’s because behind the scenes the app is actually stitching together multiple photos to achieve the final product. Spectre then saves your shots as Live Photos so you can share the final product or a clip of the entire process.

$2.99: iOS

Best Camera App of 2019 – Tap In

Best Camera App of 2019 - Tap In - Tech Urdu

Tap In hosts once-daily live mediation sessions. The 10-minute sessions are guided by professionals and meant to be “tapped in” to from wherever you happen to be at the moment.

The app itself is pretty simple, you just focus on your breathing, while some calming bubble animations float across your screen — no ads or pricey subscriptions. It’s just you, the bubbles, and the soothing voice of a faraway meditation teacher. 

Download (Free): iOS

Best Q&A App of 2019 – Yolo

 Best Q&A App of 2019 - Yolo - Tech Urdu

Yolo app is centred around Snapchat, which helped launch it to viral status soon after its launch.

The Q&A app has so far proved to have more staying power than other viral hits, spending nearly two months at the top of the App Store. 

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?These are the Best Android/iOS Apps of 2019 (So Far). Let us know in comments below which app you’ve already used. Also, which app you think should be included in this list.

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