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[A Teapot to Call Home] Serenitea Pot: How to get it? Tips & Tricks


What is a Serenitea Pot?

A Teapot to Call Home: Part I is a World Quest in Genshin Impact. Completing this quest will unlock the Serenitea Pot item and the Housing System.

The Serenitea Pot is a new item added with Genshin Impact‘s 1.5 update which powers its housing system and allows players to curate their own little realms.

How to get Serenitea Pot?

To get Serenitea Pot, you need to reach Adventure Level (AR) 35. Then the quest ‘A Teapot to Call Home’ will become active in the list. In the below video, the complete guide “A Teapot to Call Home” is given with the necessary timestamps. Once you acquire this teapot, you can summon it wherever you like and hop inside for a break from the action.

As you unlock and craft new furnishings and place them inside your realm, you upgrade your Trust Rank and Adeptal Energy, and generate additional Realm Currency to exchange for new blueprints and furnishings. Mihoyo plans to develop the Serenitea Pot housing system over subsequent game updates, so we can expect this feature to grow even further in the future, with the introduction of new mechanics like gardening.

How to use (enter and leave) the Serenitea Pot?

How to use (enter and leave) the Serenitea Pot? -
How to use (enter and leave) the Serenitea Pot?
Image: miHoYo

Once you complete the quest A Teapot to Call Home, you will get the Serenitea Pot. You will find Serenitea Pot in your gadget section of the inventory. Navigate to it in your menu, and select “place” to ready the teapot. Out of the menu, the teapot will appear in front of you much like other gadgets. Interact with it and you’ll enter the teapot realm – you can also leave the teapot the same way, or interact with the map and teleport as usual.

Why I Can’t enter the Serenitea Pot?

Having certain quests active might disable Co-Op mode and prevent you from entering the Serenitea Pot. Make sure to complete your current quests before trying to enter again!

There are also places you can’t use the Serenitea Pot in. Try to place the Serenitea Pot in a flat and open area, and make sure there are no obstacles in the way!

What happens when you enter the Serenitea Pot?

Once you enter the Serenitea Pot, it transports you to a completely separate section of the game. However, before you can get started you’ll need to make a choice between any of the following three different styles of realms.

  • Cool Isle – an island surrounded by water
  • Emerald Peak – a mountain peak, high in the clouds
  • Floating Abode – a cluster of islands floating in the sky

After selecting your preferred realm (area), you will be provided with a space of land that is very much the same in all realms, but the area surrounding it will differ. It’s more like choosing a background in its current form and you will be able to change it down the line – but not for a while. Once actually in your new teapot home, players can begin to explore.

As you achieve higher Trust Ranks, you unlock other realm areas, and eventually the other two realm layouts, which you can switch between at will.

Who is Tubby?

In front of the mansion is the teapot spirit Tubby, who sees to the upkeep of your new abode. Talking to Tubby gives players the option to check their rating, craft furniture items, buy items and blueprints, and more. It can be a bit overwhelming, which is why we’re breaking it all down for you in this guide.

Players can also interact with friends’ Tubby spirits to help speed up their friend’s crafting so it’s worth checking in from time to time.

What are Serenitea Pot Trust Ranks?

Serenitea Pot realms have two different ranking systems. The first is a trust ranking based on all the wonderful items you’ve created. Each milestone will earn you rank rewards which can include things like primogems, different items and blueprints. It also affects the maximum amount of currency you can hold before withdrawing from Tubby, and will also give you other bonuses like additional crafting slots.

Realm currency is generated by your Adeptus rank. The higher the ranking the more currency Tubby will generate for you to collect.

How to craft Furniture/buildings in Serenitea Pot?

Prior to crafting any furniture, you need to get its Furnishing Blueprint and the desired materials to craft the particular furniture (item). Here you can use your blueprints and materials to craft items.

You need to interact with blueprints in your item menu to learn them first. It’s very similar to the forge in that you have a certain amount of crafting spots that can be used at once.

It’s counterintuitive but Blueprints need to be used before they can actually make things. To do this, just pop open your inventory and navigate to the item. Selecting use will change the blueprint from something you own, to something you can make. It’s very easy to forget to do, especially when you might be getting a lot of random Blueprints coming in so it’s good to check on now and then.

Which are the BEST and WORST Furniture to Craft in Genshin Impact Housing System?

How and where to collect Wood from?

Wood, an important component for crafting, can be collected from the main world map by attacking trees. Sword characters like Traveler are good for this because no matter the weapon it takes 3 slices and they’re among the fastest. Each tree drops three portions of wood, specific to that breed of the tree. So make it a habit while in your journeys to get stabby on some of nature’s beauty.

Collect wood by chopping down trees in Teyvat; the wood is automatically added to your inventory (no need to collect it like other droppings). The type of wood you receive depends on what kind of tree you cut down.

  • Birchwood is dropped from birch trees in the Windwail Highland
  • Cuiha wood is dropped from cuiha trees in Starfell Valley and Bishui Plain
  • Pine wood is dropped from pines in the Dragonspine region
  • Sandbearer wood is dropped from sandbearer trees around Minlin and Lisha
  • Bamboo segments are dropped from qingce bamboo in Bishui Plain
  • Fragrant cedar wood is dropped from cedars around Starfell Valley
  • Fir wood is dropped from Faber’s firs around Galesong Hill and Starfell Valley

Where to Collect Different Types of Wood? Birch Wood, Cuiha Wood, Pine Wood, Sandbearer Wood, Bamboo Segments, Fragrant Cedar Wood, Fir Wood

Where to obtain Yumemiru Wood, Maple Wood, Aralia Wood, Otogi Wood | Genshin Impact

You can also build some crafting components like paper and dye in this menu, but they will be immediately available. Other crafting components, like wood, will need to be sourced in the main world.

Each item will take time to build. If you’re feeling impatient you can speed it up using a bottle of Adaeptal Speed stuff which can also be bought at the shop to immediately finish an item. Having friends stop by and talking to Tubby can also increase the build speed.

What is Realm Currency?

Realm Currency generate by the hour and have a maximum limit based on your Realm level. Any new Realm Currency generated after that will be lost, so be sure to collect your share every day.

Realm Currency is stored in the teapot spirit’s Jar of Riches. The jar has a storage cap, so be sure to spend it before you reach the cap. You can use this currency to buy rare items from Tubby, and the more Trust Rank you have, the more items you can get.

? What you can buy with 10,800+ Realm Currency in Serenitea Pot?

What is the Realm Depot?

Realm Depot - Serenitea Pot -
Realm Depot – Serenitea Pot
Image: miHoYo

Tubby also provides a shop so you can feed those realm currencies straight back into it. Here you can purchase various items of furniture, blueprints and other items like the Adeptal Speed up bottles to help improve your realm.

Rare blueprints and furnishings can be found by talking to the travelling sales teapot spirit, Chubby. Chubby can be found in your and other people’s realms on weekends and may sell different items in other travellers’ worlds.

There are also two known furniture sellers in the main world of Teyvat. One is Goth, who can be found at the park south of the Knights of Favonious HQ in Mondstadt. The other is Master Lu who is near the house by the lower ledge of Quince Village. As they seem to be classed as normal shops, they’re only accessible during the day (8am – 5pm in game).

What is Adeptal Energy?

Adeptal Energy is a measurement of how many furnishings have been placed in your realm. To increase your Adeptal Energy, simply place more furnishings. Along with Trust Rank, higher levels of Adeptal Energy allow you to collect more Realm Currency and increase the storage cap on the Jar of Riches.

How to set up Furniture?

  • Once you got the blueprints and materials and crafted furniture, it is time to place the furniture. Aside from Tubby, the other main menu to interact with within the teapot is for placing items and it can be identified as a hand/pointing icon.
  • This menu can also be a bit confusing and difficult to navigate. Especially on controllers where the button to leave is also set to confirm. The camera works on mobile devices also take a bit of time to get it fully. On the top portion of the screen you can see your realm and to the left should be a key for controls.
  • On the lowest portion of the screen are categories that can be scrolled through. Any placable items you have will be found in these lists and it’s a good idea to look through them completely to check for new things to put down.
  • Select an item, move it around the map using the key controls on the left, and place it in your desired location.
  • Items will have an outline to help you know where they can be put down. They usually can’t intersect with other items. If you’re having difficulty placing an item, try rotating it to see if that helps.
  • If an item has already been placed, you can remove items the same way to return them to your inventory. You can also pick them up and move them around. You’ll need to collapse the item menu first to enter this mode.
  • The last section in this menu is for sets. Sets will only be placable if you have all the required items and they are not already put down, so you may need to recollect some items if you want to build a set. As items can be tricky to place nicely, sets provide a prearranged group which can make this process a bit easier.
  • Items can be placed the same way inside the mansion. It’s worth noting the mansion is split into sections and each has its own Load, so you may need to be in a room or area to place an item.

Did you know that, as you enter your realm, why not finish your crafting & cooking needs at the comfort of your home? You can group all the Alchemy, Forge & Cooking facilities together to finish crafting fast.

What is Serenitea Pot Load Limit and how to manage the Load limit?

Each piece of furniture has a load value, which represents how demanding it is to render. To ensure a smooth experience, Mihoyo has placed a load limit on your realm – your current load status is denoted by green, amber, or the red light at the top of your screen in the build menu.

You can’t see the individual load value of your furniture in-game, so to optimise your realm, we recommend checking this Genshin Impact furniture data tool by Inkplane.

#1 Best Tip to Progress Faster in Genshin Impact Housing System ?

How to unlock more areas and realms?

You can unlock more areas in your realm by raising Tubby’s Trust Rank. This will not only expand the space that you can use to place your furnitures, but it will also increase your maximum load capacity.

Trust RankReward
5Unlock Exterior Area 2
7Unlock Exterior Area 3
9Unlock Exterior Area 4

You will be able to switch realms once you reach a certain level of Trust Rank from Tubby.

Trust RankReward
8Number of available Realm Layouts increased to 2
10Number of available Realm Layouts increased to 3

Trust Rank 5 is Awesome | 2 More Islands and More Load Area

How to visit/enter other players Serenitea Pots?

You can request to visit anyone’s Serenitea Pot, regardless of their World Level, as long as you have them added as a friend.  Click on their avatar in your ‘My Friends’ menu, and select the second option; ‘Request to visit Serenitea Pot’.

While in someone else’s Serenitea Pot, you can help speed up their furniture crafting by interacting with Tubby, once per day. It will reduce time (speed time) by 4 hours. Having multiple friends help you lessen the time of the same furniture will not work so take note.

You can also set permissions for your own Serenitea Pot via the map interface, where you can choose to automatically accept or reject requests from others to enter your realm, or require approval.

Allow other players to Directly Join your Serenitea Pot (even when you are offline) | Genshin Impact

In normal settings, if someone wants to join your Serenitea Pot, he needs to take permission (just like in other Co-op modes). But, there is a way that can allow everyone to join your Serenitea Pot even when you are not online.

The greatest advantage of the Allow Direct Joining is when someone visits your Serenitea Pot and interacts with Tubby, he has the option to reduce your Crafting Speed by 4 hours which is really helpful especially in initial Trust Ranks levels.

So, You can set your own teapot to allow direct join, so your friends can visit it when you are offline. Just open the map when you are in the teapot, then click on the top right (No guests currently) and select the option of Allow Direct Join.

Serenitea Pot upcoming features

In a blog post, Mihoyo discusses some additional Serenitea Pot features that are in the works for future updates. They include:

  • A gardening system
  • The ability to place your characters in the realm
  • The ability to interact with furnishings
  • More furnishings

We may see some of these features in the upcoming 1.6 update. The Genshin Intel twitter account has posted details of a datamined item called Realm Dispatch, that allows you to place your characters in ‘special furnishing sets’ in your Serenitea Pot. The number of characters you can add to your realm depends on your Trust Rank; one character at level 1, two at level three, three at level five, and four at level seven.

Besides, you’ll be able to interact with your characters inside the Serenitea Pot, unlock new dialogue, and potentially acquire rewards.

Serenitea Pot Tips & Tricks

Serenitea Pot has been introduced recently and new ideas, tips and tricks are being introduced day by day (and the post will be updated accordingly). By this time, these are some of the useful Serenitea Pot Tips and Tricks:

  • At each trust level, Tubby is allowed to collect a certain amount of Realm Currency. So collect these on regular basis other Tubby will stop accruing while the bowl is full.
  • There is no point in collecting and not using Realm Currency (it is not like Resin). So use these without any worry (if you want to level up quickly). One of the best uses of realm currency is to buy blueprints of furniture.
  • Vial Of Adeptal Speed is an item for instant craft furniture and is crucial for farming Trust Rank or for massive decoration projects. You can buy up to 5 daily, so always stockpile them for a modest boost to crafting speed.
  • Make sure you have a few extra coins on you when the weekend hits. This is when Chubby, the travelling salesperson, comes to the Serenitea Pot worlds. Chubby sells things you can’t get anywhere else, so make sure you have a few tucked away.
  • Make sure to visit other players’ Serenitea Pots. You can earn battle pass points and just get more stuff from buying off other players’ Tubby vendors. 
  • Players can also interact with friends’ Tubby spirits to help speed up their friend’s crafting so it’s worth checking in from time to time.
  • Buy and use Adeptus Potions on regular basis, especially while crafting new furniture.  In the early levels, the game literally showers you with these so you may as well use them up. They’ll help you level faster and gain more rewards – some of which will be more potions. A maximum of 5 can be bought for 10 Realm Currency each.
  • Make sure to craft furniture on regular basis. If you don’t have new blueprints, then craft from the previous one to complete sets.
  • You can collect wood from trees in other player’s worlds. The wood spawns for whoever hits the tree and seems to work for both parties even. This means you can both get wood from the same tree.
  • Don’t like how your furniture snaps into place? You can turn it off along with other features in the settings for the Place Menu! You can also change the time of day to see how everything looks.
  • You can Reset and claim all the decorations placed in a specific area. To reset follow the following method: Open the “Place” Menu > Open the settings > Select the “Retrieve Furnishings In Area”.
  • In the initial levels, try to place all your furniture and buildings (interior and exterior). While some may consider it to be messy to drop random items in their house, it is a necessary step to get faster growth for this phase. You can put back all furniture later on.
  • Try to use your Vial of Adeptal Speed on 4 Star Furniture.
  • Allow other players to join your Serenitea Pot. When someone visits your Teapot, he can help in reducing the crafting speed by 4 hours. So, always allow Direct Join to your teapot. Here is how you can do it.

As you go up the trust Levels, more & more 4-Star Furniture blueprints will become available. These will take a whopping 16 hours to craft. so prioritize using Vial Of Adeptal Speed on them.

Did you know that Landforms can stack a few times and some items may go on top of others.

[Full Guide] A Teapot to Call Home – How to Get Serenitea Pot? | Genshin Impact

A Teapot to Call Home: Part I is a World Quest in Genshin Impact. Completing this quest will unlock the Serenitea Pot item and the Housing System. The required Adventure Rank (AR) is 35. Prior doing this event, complete Archon Quest Chapter 1: Act 3: A New Star Approaches

A Teapot to Call Home: Part I

The crisis looming over Liyue Harbor has calmed. However, Madame Ping, the flower-admirer from Yujing Terrace, seems to have something more to discuss with the Traveler…

Video Timestamps:

  • 00:07 Talk to Madame Ping
  • 08:04 Talk to Krosl
  • 10:43 Talk to Zhiqiao
  • 16:35 Find a Convenient Place to talk to Zhiqiao
  • 21:05 Talk to Shitou
  • 22:19 Look for the Debris
  • 22:53 Report Back to Shitou
  • 26:23 Talk to Xingxi
  • 29:52 Talk to Baizhu
  • 32:31 Talk to Krosl
  • 42:00 Talk to Madame Ping
  • 46:15 Enter the Serenitea Pot

[Quickly] Increase TRUST RANK – Genshin Impact Housing System ???

? TR7 – Now you can Change from Liyue to Mondstadt main building | Genshin Impact

? More Fun at Trust Rank 8 | Unlocks a New Realm Layout | Genshin Impact

What do you get at Trust Rank 8?

  • So, you will get to choose a new realm layout. (The old realm will be saved even if you switch, no worries).
  • By default, you have one house for each layout. We are able to rearrange all our crafted furniture for the new realm layout (can be said that the realms share furniture, and we don’t need to MOVE furniture from the old Realm to the new realm).
  • However, we need to rearrange everything one by one again to get 20k Adeptal energy in the new layout.
  • Take note that the realms share same Tubby, you can only get MAX 30 coins/per hour, no more.
  • So, we can instantly get to 20k Adeptal Energy for the new realm layout and unlock the 2 stars achievement: Reach 20,000 Adeptal Energy in 2 realm layouts.

Trust Rank 9 – More Fun; More Furnishing Slots; More Land | Genshin Impact

[1.6 Update Official Announcement] Higher Serenitea Pot Load, Improved Dialogue with Teapot Spirit, Paved Road in House, 2nd Floor Room and more

In the official announcement of miHoYo on the forum, following announcement was shared. It is being shared as it is on the forum so that accurate information is shared.

Today Paimon had a chat with the developers~╰(*°▽°*)╯ Let’s see what they have in store for us~

Special Message: May 24 Developers Discussion — Serenitea Pot Load Optimization… Let’s Go!

Q: Will there be a higher load limit for the Serenitea Pot?

A: Travelers have sent us much feedback regarding the load limit for the Serenitea Pot. Paimon has brought this to the attention of the developers~ (Shhhh! Don’t mention it)

In Version 1.6, the developers have increased the load limit of the Serenitea Pot, but the actual load that Travelers can reach will depend on how much your device can support.

Q: The dialogue with the teapot spirit is cumbersome. To get to the Shop, Trust Rank, and Building menus, you have to go through the dialogue again. 

A: The developers are on the case. In Version 1.6, after Travelers have selected an option in the dialogue with Tubby, click return to head back to the previous menu. Travelers will no longer need to repeat the dialogue with Tubby to access other options. The development team is hard at work optimizing the Serenitea Pot experience, so Travelers are welcome to leave feedback in the comments section below~

Q: When will the Serenitea Pot have paved roads?

A: While visiting the developers, Paimon caught a glimpse of paved roads. Paimon also saw the team planning some stones with furnishings floating in the air. After smoothing out some rough edges, Travelers will get to try this feature out for themselves in a future update~ (Shhhh! You didn’t hear this from Paimon!)

Q: When will the room on the second floor in the Serenitea Pot open?

A: From Version 1.6 onwards, the room on the second floor in the Serenitea Pot will open for decoration. Don’t forget to spruce the place up!

Q: Will characters I own be able to make themselves at home in my realm?

A: There will be more details about the Companion Move-In feature later on.

Q: It’s very inconvenient that I cannot use the Crafting Bench in Co-Op Mode.

A: The Travelers have spoken, and the developers have listened. Improvements to the Crafting Bench Co-Op Mode are coming~

Crafting items at the Crafting Bench in Co-Op Mode will be implemented in Version 1.6~ The unlocking of recipes will be subject to the Traveler’s own progress.

If the Traveler crafted while in a friend’s world, they will be able to keep the crafted item upon returning to their own world.

Q: Is there a way to locate Co-Op teammates faster?

A: Paimon has you covered! o(^▽^)o In Version 1.6, when a teammate is not within range of the currently displayed map area, a teammate marker will be displayed at the edge of the map. Travellers can click on that marker to quickly locate their teammates.

[Companion Move-In Feature] Add upto 8 Characters in Serenitea Pot & Earn Primogems Friendship Level | Genshin Impact

With the new update of Genshin Impact 1.6, you can add more characters in the Serenitea Pot (Housing System) which is called Companion Move-In Function. Each character has its own preferred SETS. Once you complete those sets, they will give you a gift like Primogems, Mora and more.

Besides, the characters in the Serenitea Pot will get their Friendship Level increased. The higher the Adeptive Energy Level, the quicker the Friendship Level will increase 🙂

What you get at the Last Chapter/Round of Adeptal Mirror Serenitea Pot | Genshin Impact

? This is the Highest Trust Rank in Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot (Housing System)

The major changes you see at Trust Rank 10 is that all the 3 Realms Layouts are unlocked (which is awesome). At this level (TR 10), Max Realm Currency storage is increased to 2400. Also, your Teapot Spirit is transformed to its final transformation.

Sanctifying Essence and Sanctifying Unction

Genshin Impact 1.5 introduced the new items Sanctifying Essence and Sanctifying Unction, allowing players to level up their artifacts much more easily. By purchasing this item from the Realm Depot, they can use them in place of other artifacts, similar to using Enhancement Crystals to level up weapons.

Sanctifying Unction will provide players with 2,500 artifact EXP while Sanctifying Essence offers a whopping 10,000 EXP. Players will definitely have a much easier time leveling up their artifacts with these new items.

Players can purchase this item from Tubby, the curator of the Serenitea Pot, and it will cost 90 Realm Currency for Sanctifying Unction and 360 for Sanctifying Essence.

? Sanctifying Essence | Upgrade Artifacts without using Resin | Genshin Impact

? Sanctifying Unction | Upgrade Artifacts without using Resin | Genshin Impact

? Transient Resin – Get more weekly RESIN without using Primogems | Genshin Impact

Transient Resin is similar to Fragile Resin where it replenishes 60 Original Resin, but it decomposes with time. The expiration time will be calculated from the Monday after this item is obtained, and it will disappear seven days from then. Multiple Transient Resins obtained on different weeks will have their expiration dates counted independently.

It is purchasable from the Realm Depot for  Realm Currency ×1200 starting at Trust Rank 6.

Idle Teapot Talk – Serenitea Pot [Realm Dispatch] | Genshin Impact

With the new update of Genshin Impact 1.6, you can add more characters in the Serenitea Pot (Housing System) which is called Companion Move-In Function. Each character has its own preferred SETS. Once you complete those sets, they will give you a gift like Primogems, Mora and more.

Besides, the characters in the Serenitea Pot will get their Friendship Level increased. The higher the Adeptive Energy Level, the quicker the Friendship Level will increase 🙂

How to get Realm Bounty & Companionship Rewards (Serenitea Pot) | Genshin Impact

After the 1.6 updates, you can add more characters in the Serenitea Pot (Housing System) which is called Companion Move-In Function. Each character has its own preferred SETS. Once you complete those sets, they will give you a gift like Primogems, Mora and more.

Besides, the characters in the Serenitea Pot will get their Friendship Level increased. The higher the Adeptive Energy Level, the quicker the Friendship Level will increase ? Here we’ll see how you can claim Realm Bounty and Companionship Rewards inside the Serenitea Pot.

The Quickest way to get Friendship Gifts (1290 Primogems, 300K Mora and many Rewards) Genshin Impact


  • 00:09 Two new Rooms now (on the top floor)
  • 00:23 How to get Companion Sets Blueprints?
  • 01:23 How to place Companion Sets?
  • 02:05 How to get Companion Gifts?
  • 02:30 What are the Companion Gifts?
  • 02:38 How to get double Companion Gifts from a single set?
  • 04:14 Gifts All Around (Achievement Unlocked)

✨ [Get 2000 Primogems] Appreciation of Serenitea Photo/Video Contest

[Full Guide] How to Play Gardening, using Seed Dispensary, Sowing & Harvesting in Serenitea Pot?

? Raise your Desired Flowers in Serenitea Pot | Riches of the Realm Guide | Genshin Impact

[Easy Guide] How to Raise Fish in “Pool of Sapphire Grace” inside the Serenitea Pot? Genshin Impact

In order to raise Fish in your own Serenitea Pot, you need to create a Pool of Sapphire Grace. You need Blueprint to create one. This is a quick guide on how you can get the blueprint of Pool of Sapphire Grace, Use the blueprint, adding the Pool of Sapphire Grace inside the Serenitea Pot, and finally raising fish in it.

Courtesy: miHoYo

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