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#6: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

#6: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

acquit , v :
(transitive) To declare or find innocent or not guilty. (transitive) To discharge (for example, a claim or debt); to clear off, to pay off; to fulfil. (transitive) Followed by of (and formerly by from): to discharge, release, or set free from a burden, duty, liability, or obligation, or from an accusation or charge. (reflexive) To bear or conduct oneself; to perform one’s part. (reflexive) To clear oneself. (transitive, archaic) past participle of acquit. (transitive, obsolete) To release, to rescue, to set free. (transitive, obsolete, rare) To pay for; to atone for.

pomander , n :
(countable, uncountable, historical) A mixture of aromatic substances, made into a ball and carried by a person to impart a sweet smell or as a protection against infection. (countable, historical) A small case in which an aromatic ball was carried. (countable) A perforated container filled with pot-pourri for placing in a drawer, wardrobe, room, etc., to provide a sweet smell. (countable) An apple or orange studded with cloves used for the same purpose.

skimble-skamble , adj :
Confused, chaotic, disorderly, senseless.

gigot , n :
A leg of lamb or mutton. (fashion) Short for gigot sleeve (“a type of sleeve shaped like a leg of mutton”).

brumous , adj :
(literary) Foggy or misty; wintry.

Cullen skink , n :
A thick soup made of smoked finnan haddock, milk, onions, and potatoes, a local speciality of Cullen in Moray, Scotland. Burns night is held on this date in celebration of the Scottish poet and lyricist Robert Burns (born 260 years ago on 25 January 1759), and usually involves Scottish foods and recitals of his poetry.

emu , n :
(obsolete) A cassowary (genus Casuarius). A large flightless bird native to Australia, Dromaius novaehollandiae. Today is Australia Day, the national day of Australia.


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