#55 Solved English Essays (For S.S.T General & S.S.T Science)

List of Essays appeared in Past Papers of (S.S.T General & S.S.T Science Papers)

  1. Life is a Struggle
  2. Should We Abolish Examinations / Examinations Serve no Useful Purpose
  3. The Most Interesting Book I have Ever Read
  4. Knowledge is Power
  5. A Stitch in Time Saves Nine
  6. The Fruits of Harbor are Sweeter than Gifts of Future
  7. Votes should be Weighted not Counted
  8. My Idea of a Happy Life
  9. Effective Teacher’s Respond to the Needs of Students – Discuss
  10. Travelling in itself is an Education
  11. Information is Power
  12. Teachers Lay Foundation of a Nation
  13. Importance of Mother Tongue in Schooling 
  14. Unemployment in Pakistan / Unemployment Among the Educated Youth; Its Causes and Cure
  15. Women Place in Our Society
  16. Environmental Pollution
  17. Corruption in Our Country
  18. A Moonlight Walk
  19. Journalism as a Profession
  20. Social Service in Modern Society
  21. The Advantages of Modern Technology
  22. Poverty
  23. Election Campaign
  24. Smoking is a Bad Habit
  25. My Last Day at School / College
  26. Annual Prize Distribution
  27. A Picnic Party
  28. Allama Iqbal as a Philosopher
  29. The Teacher who Changed My Life
  30. Do Right and Fear No Man
  31. Carrier as a Teacher
  32. Teacher as a Nation Builder
  33. Parents Vs. Professional Teacher
  34. A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing
  35. People Do Not Lack Strength; They Lack Will
  36. Life is not worth the Price We Pay for it
  37. Disadvantages of Deforestation
  38. Advertisement – It’s Advantages & Disadvantages
  39. Computer in the Service of Humanity
  40. Honesty Always Pays / Honesty is the Best Policy
  41. Man Never Satisfies with What he has
  42. Cheating Habit among Examinations
  43. Terrorism and Pakistan (This Essay Covers Terrorism in Pakistan from Different Aspects)
  44. (Earthquake) Disasters in Pakistan
  45. Economic Situation in Pakistan
  46. Necessity is the Mother of Invention
  47. Use of Internet in Young Generation
  48. The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW)
  49. My Favorite Book
  50. A Football Match
  51. Hazards of Science (This Essay Covers Both Hazards and Benefits of Science)
  52. Beauties of Nature
  53. Is Luxury an Evil
  54. Global Warming
  55. Importance of Forests

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