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#4: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

#4: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

dame , n :
(Britain) Usually capitalized as Dame: a title equivalent to Sir for a female knight. (Britain) A matron at a school, especially Eton College. (Britain, theater) In traditional pantomime: a melodramatic female often played by a man in drag. (US, dated, informal, slightly derogatory) A woman. (archaic) A lady, a woman. English actress Dame Judi Dench was born on this day in 1934. She was appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1988.

deperm , v :
(transitive, chiefly nautical) To degauss or demagnetize; especially, to degauss a ship by dragging a large powered electrical cable along its side.

elevenses , n :
(Britain, informal) A short mid-morning break taken around eleven o’clock for a drink or light snack.

fard , v :
(transitive, archaic) To paint, as the cheeks or face. (transitive, archaic) To embellish or gloss over.

plaque , n :
(countable) Any flat, thin piece of clay, ivory, metal, etc., used for ornament, or for painting pictures upon, as a dish, plate, slab, etc., hung upon a wall; also, a smaller decoration worn by a person, such as a brooch. (countable) A piece of flat metal with writing on it, attached to a building, monument, or other structure to remind people of a person or an event. (countable, biology) A clearing in a bacterial lawn caused by a virus. (countable, music) In the Hornbostel–Sachs classification system: any flat, thin musical instrument. (countable, pathology) A broad patch of abnormal tissue distinguishable from surrounding tissue, especially a broad papule (“inflamed, irritated patch”) on the skin. (countable, uncountable, pathology) An abnormal accumulation of material in or on an organ of the body, often associated with disease. (countable, uncountable, pathology) An accumulation in artery walls made up of macrophage cells and debris containing lipids, (cholesterol and fatty acids), calcium, and connective tissue; an atheroma. (uncountable, dentistry) An accumulation of biofilm, or bacteria, on teeth.

defervesce , v :
(intransitive, medicine) To experience an abatement or resolution of fever. (intransitive, figuratively) To become less agitated; to cool down.

sinew , n :
(anatomy) A cord or tendon of the body. A cord or string, particularly (music) as of a musical instrument. (figuratively) muscular power, muscle; nerve, nervous energy; vigor, vigorous strength. (figuratively, often in the plural) That which gives strength or in which strength consists; a supporting factor or member; mainstay.


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