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#3: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

#3: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

chatelaine , n :
(dated) The mistress of a castle or large household. (historical) A chain or clasp worn at the waist by women with a handkerchief, keys, etc., attached, supposed to resemble the chain of keys once worn by medieval chatelaines.

illustrious , adj :
Admired, distinguished, respected, or well-known, especially due to past achievements or noble qualities.

mirative , n :
(uncountable, grammar) A grammatical mood that expresses (surprise at) unexpected revelations or new information. (countable, grammar) (An instance of) a form of a word which conveys this mood.

Martian , adj :
Of or relating to the planet Mars, or (science fiction) its imagined inhabitants. (astrology) Pertaining to the astrological influence of the planet Mars; aggressive, bellicose. (obsolete) Pertaining to battle or war; martial, military. On 26 November 2018, the robotic lander InSight successfully touched down on the surface of Mars, on a mission to study the deep interior of the planet.

bivious , adj :
(rare) Having, or leading, two ways.

loch , n :
(Scotland) A lake. (Scotland) A bay or arm of the sea. Today is Saint Andrew’s Day, Scotland’s national day.

Playboy Bunny , n :
A waitress at a Playboy Club, characteristically dressed in a strapless teddy, black pantyhose, cuffs, a collar and bowtie, bunny ears, and a short, fluffy tail. The first issue of Playboy magazine was published this month 65 years ago in 1953.


#2: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

#1: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

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