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#16: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

Words of the Week are Nuke, Gastrodiplomacy, Meet One’s Waterloo, Gurrier, Steatopygous, Ski-through, and Smorgasbord.

16: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

nuke , v :
(transitive, chiefly US, colloquial) To use a nuclear weapon on a target. (transitive, chiefly US, colloquial, figuratively) To destroy or erase completely. (transitive, Internet slang, by extension) To carry out a denial-of-service attack against (an IRC user). (transitive, chiefly US, colloquial) To expose to some form of radiation. (transitive, chiefly US, colloquial) To cook in a microwave oven.

gastrodiplomacy , n :
A type of cultural diplomacy where relations between representatives of different cultures are improved by the means of gastronomy and the promotion of national cuisines. Today is the eve of Sustainable Gastronomy Day, which is designated by the United Nations to highlight the role that gastronomy can play in promoting sustainable development.

meet one’s Waterloo , v :
To be decisively defeated by an encounter with a powerful opponent or a problem that is too difficult. The Battle of Waterloo, which marked the end of the Napoleonic Wars after Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by armies of Britain and Prussia, took place on this day in 1815.

gurrier , n :
(dated) A street urchin. A loutish young man; a ruffian.

steatopygous , adj :
(physiology) Pertaining to steatopygia; having fat or prominent buttocks.

ski-through , adj :
(skiing) Of a ski lodge or other hotel establishment: providing skiers with the service of transporting their equipment, luggage, and vehicles to other establishments so they can ski directly to those establishments. (skiing) Of a restaurant, shop, or other establishment or facility: providing service to skiers while they are still wearing their skis. In the Southern Hemisphere according to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the winter solstice falls on this day in 2019.

smorgasbord , n :
A Swedish-style buffet comprising a variety of cold sandwiches and other dishes; (by extension) any buffet with a wide selection of dishes. (figuratively) An abundant and diverse collection of things. Today in 2019 is Midsommardagen or Midsummer’s Day in Sweden.

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