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#13: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

This Week’s Words: Motherhood Statement, Slip Up, Up to Something, Primigravida, Terse, Fjord, and Schlubby.

Your Weekly Vocabulary List

motherhood statement , n :
(chiefly Canada, US) A vague, feel-good platitude, especially one made by a politician, that few people would disagree with. Today, the second Sunday of May in 2019, is celebrated in many countries as Mother’s Day.

slip-up , n :
(idiomatic) A (small) error or mistake; a (minor) misstep.

up to something , adj :
(idiomatic) Doing something mischievous or scheming.

primigravida , n :
(obstetrics, veterinary medicine) A woman or female animal who is pregnant for the first time, or who has been pregnant once. Today is designated by the United Nations as the International Day of Families to promote awareness of issues relating to families and to increase knowledge of the social, economic and demographic processes affecting families.

terse , adj :
(obsolete) Burnished, polished; fine, smooth; neat, spruce. (by extension) Of speech or style: brief, concise, to the point. (by extension) Of manner or speech: abruptly or brusquely short; curt.

fjord , n :
A long, narrow, deep inlet between cliffs. Today is Norwegian Constitution Day, which celebrates the signing of the Constitution of Norway in Eidsvoll on this day 205 years ago in 1814.

schlubby , adj :
(chiefly US, informal) Clumsy, oafish, or socially awkward; unattractive or unkempt.

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