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? Five (05) Surprising Habits of Toppers in any Competitive Exam

Five (05) Surprising Habits of Toppers in any Competitive Exam

“Toppers don’t do different things, they do things differently”. Individuals or students, who are preparing for an exam, must know about 5 Surprising Habits Of Toppers through that they are succeeded.

Have a look below and follow these tricks to become a topper with these 5 surprising habits of toppers.

1) Curiosity

It is the key quality to learn anything. One, who has many questions in his mind and very curious to know about them, that person learns many things while studying.

Solve every query at least a few days before so that you may study well with the same important topics. Your curious mind fetches rapidly about the concept.

2) Time Management

Time management is also an important part of preparation. You must be punctual with your daily routine and study timing. Set time to study all subjects hour by hour, set time for sleeping and eating.

You must strictly follow the timetable you prepared. You may take help to follow time schedule with the guidance of your seniors or your elders.

3) Regular Practice

As we always know that “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”. Therefore follow this rule and make a habit to practice daily.

The subjects which are asking in this exam are based on daily practice. As much you practice as you learn more and became perfect in the particular subject.

4) Performance

When you are preparing for exams you must make your habit to give your bets at the practice session so that you may be assured with your good performance for the exam.

Toppers give their 100% performance at all costs. That’s why they got the result as they desire for.

5) Proper Planning

To cover all the topics and syllabus, one should study with proper planning to become a topper. Proper planning is highly recommended to complete the entire course with a short period. How much we have completed and how much is remaining.


Don’t Miss 20 Points To Become A Topper

1). Make a schedule for your study.

2). List the subjects in order of priority.

3). Utilize available time to a maximum extent.

4). Make sure you feel energetic while sitting down to study.

5). Try completing the task which you have started.

6). Do not switch over from one task to another.

7). Do not sit on bed while studying.

8). Do not deviated and think of unnecessary things. Pay attention to what you are studying.

9). Take small breaks if required, but get back to study again.

10). Do not waste too much time in talking to friends, watching TV, Sports etc.

11). Do not say ‘Yes’ when you want to say ‘No’ for invitations.

12). Do not try to achieve too much in too little time.

13). Give equal importance to all subjects.

14). Do not deviate from the topic you are studying.

15). Make sure you have achieved something in the time that you have spent.

16). Keep your study desk clean to avoid distraction.

17). Keep the Study Material at proper place and never waste time in searching for it.

18). Choose a study place, which is free from external disturbances (doorbell, phone calls).

19). Avoid being nervous before the exam.

20). Avoid last minute reading.

By Amin Tareen

Naeem Javid

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