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? Earning Money from Affiliate Programs | Amazon, AliExpress, Goto, etc

Earning Money from Affiliate Programs (Video Course)

In this series of Earning Money from Affiliate Programs, I’ll try to cover Affiliate Programs of all-important shopping sites like Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Flipkart, Daraz, Goto, and other popular sites.

The thing is, this course is not like other programs to show you how to affiliate? rather it will be from the registration process till final earning (step-by-step).

Since each affiliate program (of each shopping sites) has different process especially after you are done with the registration. The place of ads and setting up codes etc gets quite different from each other. So, I have shown in every detail about each program separately.

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A to Z of ? Earning from Affiliate | Goto Affiliate [Urdu/Hindi] 

A to Z of ? Earning from Affiliate | Amazon Affiliate [Urdu/Hindi]

Video Time-Stamp:

  • Introduction to Amazon Affiliate: 00:40
  • How to Affiliate with Amazon? 01:32
  • How to Register on Amazon Associate? 02:54
  • How to Get Zip Code of Any City? 03:19
  • How to Register on Amazon with Mobile Number? 04:04
  • How to Affiliate on Amazon with Blogger? 05:22
  • How to Affiliate on Amazon with Mobile App? 05:34
  • How to Build Links? 09:33
  • How to Get Amazon Payments? 11:12
  • How to Get Amazon Top Strip? 13:31
  • How to Generate Affiliate Links on Amazon? 14:16
  • How to Create a Blog on Blogger for Amazon Affiliate? 15:10
  • How to Generate Links for Amazon Products? 17:14

⁉Amazon Affiliate – Question & Answers | #asktechurdu [Urdu/Hindi/English Subs]

? Earning from AliExpress Affiliate | A to Z (Step-By-Step) [Urdu/Hindi/English Subtitles]

Video Timestamp:

  • Skip Introduction: 00:55
  • How to Affiliate with AliExpress (Step-by-Step)? 01:04
  • How to Register on AliExpress? 01:37
  • What is the Difference b/w Amazon and AliExpress Affiliate? 07:11
  • How to Get AliExpress Portal? 08:00
  • How to Use Deep Link URLs in AliExpress? 12:00
  • How to Give Payment Information in AliExpress Affiliate? 14:59

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